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Workshop: Your Next Creative Idea

7.09.17 • 18 – 20 h • coopolis


Annemarie Schumacher, Glanz & Substanz

Language: English

Tickets: €10,- for BKK members / €15,- for non-BKK members

What are the optimal conditions for sparking ideas? How can I express myself artistically while still creating products that will actually sell?

As creative professionals, original and exciting ideas are at the heart of what we do. We need to consistently come up with fresh perspectives, concepts and visuals because without them, there’s no business!

But, if you’ve ever stared at a blank screen or paper, you’ll know that thinking of a great idea out of the blue can be daunting. In this 2-hour workshop, illustrator Annemarie Schumacher will hand you the tools to make the process of idea generation feel less elusive. Adding some structure to your creative process can create a lot of confidence.

There’s going to be some intense thinking, writing and sketching, so be sure to bring your pen, pencil and sketchbook. You’ll go home with actionable strategies for dreaming up your next product line or creative project!

BKK Pop-up: Design Jungle

22.09. – 02.10.17 • Easy Busy

Designers participating:

Akelei Designs
Atelier Diablo
Birgit Blau Strickwaren
Carolina Buzio
Dirty like the weeds
Dluto i Strug
Elise Rolot
Emma Wood
erie Berlin
Garden State Candles
Glanz & Substanz
Inga Intimates
Kazanian’s Bookshop
Laureanne Kootstra
Le Kosmos Berlin
Monkey Minder
Moss Keramik
Necklace Therapy
Plant Circle
Tara Deacon Illustration
Theresa Grieben Illustration