2017 Berlin Kreativ Konferenz

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February 25 & 26

K- Salon, Bergmannstraße 54, 10961 Berlin


The Berlin Kreativ Konferenz 2017 has now ended.  To find out about future events and opportunities, click here.



If you have or are thinking of starting a small creative business in Berlin, then these questions might sound familiar to you:

  • How do I register my small business?
  • What is a fair price for my products? What should my salary be?
  • How do I keep track of my every day book-keeping?
  • What are the legal rules for setting up an online shop in Germany?
  • How do I build up a strong relationship with bloggers?
  • What are the best ways to approach the press?
  • How can I craft my own unique brand story?
  • What is SEO and why is it so important for my website?
  • How do I work with third-party marketplaces?

The Berlin Kreativ Konferenz will help answer these questions and more, and also provides the opportunity to meet like-minded small business owners and creative entrepreneurs.

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For all enquiries, contact us at info@berlinkreativkollektiv.com.



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